Hey I havnt writen one of these in a good while, and I have been begged by a certain person to write one.  Soo yeah ..  here it goes..  Nothing new has really been going on in my life lately.  I have just been working, argueing with my roommates, taking care of my house, and talking to people.    Earlier this week I had jury duty, but I ended up not havin to go to it ...  So i drove 2 hours for basically no reason.  I ended up hanging out with friends while I was in town, going out to eat with people, going to the mall..  got a hair cutwhich my hair stylist  had this weird things about rubbing my shoulders.. It was a little weird  hahaha, but I dont care.  He did a good job at cutting my hair.  I am getting sick from the place that I am working...  big mold issue . .  Next week I start the processing of the incoming students at my university.  I will have about 600 computers to work on ...   :/   I almost convinced my boss to buy me an iphone!!  :PI cant wait for them to come out.. I am reading into doing Podcasts, and I am planning on building my own website. So I will let you guys know when I finish my podcast, and website project. I have to get a domain anyways for my major at my university...so i figured I will just go ahead and get one and use it to host my podcasts :) ... which I have yet to figure out what they will be about..  and I have yet to figure out what my website will be about, and what it will be called  LOL. but i will really start cracking into this stuff in about a month.  (that is when I will have the available funds).  Oh yeah that reminds me.  I was at a meeting at work today, and I was offered a job to do a night shift to head up a very important video telecommunications part of my university.   :)It will be 3 nights a week, and it will start directly after my day job and end at like 11pm at night :/.  but it will be very good money, and probably will be worth it.  sooo yeah.  just to recap.  Jury duty sucks. I hate my roommates.  Mold makes me cough up my lungs. I will be busy and tired as hell for the rest of the summer, and I should have some amazing podcasts coming out on my amazing website in mid july when I get the chance to do them after my amazing jobs.  I am amazingly happy right now since I am drinking some amazing cappuccino. ...  I think I drink too much of this stuff.  I just wish I had Milka......and Sara...    then my life would be complete   haha.  Take care people! send me a message sometime :P! Goodnight!