Random Thoughts

I am so lost this week. I've lost a day, every Monday I put I'm so many weeks and 3 days. Well since I didnt work Monday because of the holiday it has me so mixed up.  Every since my friends little boy found out I was pregnant he's said I'm having him a little sister. So the other day he was at a resturant with his parents and he walked up and was talking to this pregnant woman and said something about her having a boy and she looked at my friend and said you know what I am having a boy. So thats kind of weird. I told his mom if I have a girl its going to be really weird like a sixth sense or something.  I dont know if this is selfish or not but the other night after being sick ALL weekend and Monday and Tuesday I just couldnt take it anymore. So Tuesday night I prayed asking God to please take my sickness I've been sick for 8 or more weeks and I just couldnt take it anymore. Well yesterday and so far today I've not been sick. I've felt a little neuseas but no puking.  The baby is being rotten already. Everytime I try to find its heartbeat it runs away from me. So it takes me triple the time just because they wont stay still. LoL. Its cute though. I tell my husband the babies already hyper. LoL.  Well theres my list of random thoughts for today. Thats just the kind of week its been. Tuesday our power went out and when our power at work goes out we have to lock all the doors and put closed signs out because our security system at the bank doesnt work when the power goes out. So we had to close for like 2 1/2 hours. Then yesterday when we came in our computers where off line and that means we had to hand write and use or calculators for about 2 hours. Its just been one of them weeks. Well I better go. Hugs Monica