Just something random I wanted to share.
I was going through my baby book that my mom recently gave me from when I was a baby. Two neat things....Grace weighs the exact same amount that I did at 4 weeks.  I just thought that was so neat.  Also, the notes that my mom took about how I was in the first month is just how Grace is....super strong neck...already pulls herself up off of you in the first weeks....wanting to feed all night...
It was just really neat to read.



reminds me to get busy and get one for Kayla!! I write stuff in her calendar then will put it into a baby book when I find the right one. It is neat that she\'s like you were. It is so fun that your mom kept a book for you too (I was number 3 and #4 was born 10 1/2 months after me so there\'s not much of a record of my babyhood!)