radom rant w/ some jokes

i find its funny  that american politishians try to rip of ppl and then make a joke of them sels further more comedians basicly steal them jokes tell them in a more prespective way and then make money off it and the politishians who made the joke gets ripped off aslo ever thoght that if we raise the population of one partiulart country they increase in power  i meam if there was so much in a populatyion of one contry wouldnt they have to stop war becase of to big of a number aslo thats asuming that there is ppl left in other countrys no that dont nessarly eliminate gun villance but atleast countrys at war would be a thing of the past but the down side war would come right into ur front lawn wich of course no one wants but a higher up side for a long wile my guess is there would not need to be worrie of nukeclear bombs destrying the planet
and us along w/ it mostly becase gang vilolance and gun vilance period in the miuxutre dont normaly consit of using over powerd bombs atleast thats what ive hered and tecnicly what i herd is verry out of date becase i stoped watching the news why becase it walyase at soem point says were doomed so i got tired of that i mean one way or anotyher it gets obious and depressing
but i have started watching news as music videos becase it dont seem as obious or depressing  when its put into a song  possibly more then likly autotuend  and has a good beat or freshly made new catch phrase that ppl can get stuck in there head w/ a musical tune some times i think the world would be less depressing if it was a musical  ofcourse thats not reality becase not every one can sing or  dance but atleast for crying out load stop having the news seem so depressing aslo make sure that the staff of such news program dont give infamity to the criminasl who crave attenchion becase if its works for one persion its more thenb likely that it will work again wich i dont think ppl want ither 
and aslo last i herd ppl were complaining of jails  over flowing then why the h*** did we not do like in some sci-fi shows/ moives and reserve a planet as a jail i mean yes that would seem like a reward but then we can make it hell for them once they arrived aslo we probly would only do it for the life sentace criminals 
but any how back to politishians 
i hate how towrds the end they dont get stuff done that needs to be adressed
even if they did id still hate em just to try to modivate em id be greatfull to them getting stuff done but if theres a way to make the grass greener here in a figure of speach then why havnt they done it yet i mean how long has it been sence i still here of school of shock or the fact that ppl complain that theres old text books in schools and ne tmete detectors as well as psoissbly tazers it dont seem atleast to me there doing anything amt emose there probly doing is saying im a poitishin and im ripping ppl of there taxes and using them for my persinal benifit reather the betterment of the countert im a politishing for aslo should a polistishing ever give a F*** then plz by all means make it so then even if some one w/ dyslecia could have a fair shake at a job to get ahouse and food and pay the bills  and maby somthing on the side form them to actuyl save up somthing ecase i know persinaly atleast w/ my dyslexia sh!t is messed up becase relly its hard to trust any one w/ a legal document and a pen that there asking you to sign somthign wich in that case i knwo manny ppl if not jsut me then feel like they midas well have a blank contract  to sign allt he time  so tehn they can go to there computers and edit it to there will thus more likly enslaving you to that contract but the chase of a politishin are slim becae im giving out so much hate and jokes on them but relly if ya are a polistion of my contry dont take it persinaly take it profeshinaly becase whatim saying is hey wake up and get ur but moving  wile heere manny ppl are waving complaints
if there is a complaint department im shure its getting over flow and manny ppl would ike to actuly have a nice day and stop complainging but thats noit likly to happen becase some ppl cant there there own stuff done tile some one else get off ther but and moove and do somthing
any how back to the comedy
on another subject i find it intresting 
life and deth
life at first seems so slow  its only becase ur just in ur yong ages  wich this effects most ppl till tehre about age 10
thats then  time flys faster so for the first 10 years of ur life ur impatent and wanting time to fly faster  then ur wish comes true adn then the rest of ur life you start regrettign that wish even tho physicly wiching time faster or slower  wont make much of a difference
adn then death persinaly if i had a say in i the matter even tho there might be some things that otherwise force me to go some place id give who or what ever a h3ll of a time becase honestly id rather stay put that is if i can still interact w/ stuf woult not seem likly but still consect seems to be better then going into the unknown  if i miss out soo wat not its better then alot of bicering wrich would be probly every where no matter where ya went becase at soem point at some ppls persinal prefeancesd id thinkit would get a little crouded as it seems alredy w/ those interms if still living  shure you find a way to get along w/ some ppl but other  then ur stapped w/ what id call the bad living roommate sihuation wich is just a plain simple overcrouding of ppl who could get along if there was a smaller population in a limited of space i mean yeah there is some ppl who dont exzackt ever are good w/ haing room mates but still the idea would be that to manny ppl and there e alot of aguring as there is on earth and the still living and then dispite what pre planss wed have had for us after ppl have died if any  wed probley end up w/ a 2nd version of earth ojly more skilled and wiser resion b-ing is becase some of them died doing that stupid stuff  i know if jfk was in heven hed wont certinly not be rolling in a open top car throo purades of dead presidents
and world leaders hed probly be more like NOT THIS TIME i mena relly  let be rail w/ r selfs we art relly humean w/ are selfs if we are capable of making things messed up so much  wile alive then if we do go some place think how much worse it can get i mean there alredy dead what less woudl there not be asming trhe normal human nature comes w/ the persion who dies aslo thats asuming were by now giving the divine figures of religions a hard time doing stuf they did not plann for
but yeah if im luckie i hope i become a cybogr and partaly come back to life
but any how off the subject of dying and stuff theres enoght of that as is
now lets talk celiberty affairs 
now you should take in acount there perspetive of life... ok whats left of there life ... ok if they got a livf e to them selfs its peding ont here contract alto of them is like selling whats you to the devil and then leave a robotic corpse left to charm the crouds and make the girls scream at the boy bands
giving that some of it is not there fault i mean if it was sing somthing messed up that controlls ur life on top of mobs of fans and press constantly chasing you then id think manny other ppl would aslo find them doing messed up stuff
but ont he other hand the stupider thing is getting caught if you feel the law dose nto apply to you then fisr id think star small then after awile of not getting caust when u finaly master getting away w/ what ever you plz then do somthing big
other wise ur just radomly breacky laws and improving
aslo anothering dont do drugss thats right drugs will betray ay when ya try to get away w/ it becase soem can knock ya out cold  and then you would not have a chanse to hide it 
i can now see in ym head millions of outlaws that think  there above the law taking down notes from me that is if they could read what my typing
it be liek hi wellcome to how to be above the law  101 LOL
sence i dont want to further instuct the criminals of the world 
back to celiberty affairs 
now asside from breaking laws  theres just the plain stupid things they do *no disrespect to celibery ahade just used as exzample of stupid things could do*
like when the crockidal hunter was alive he put hes kids head in a alligator wile that kid was still a baby  and it seemd like the aligator almost chomped the head off that poor kid
now dont get me wrong i repsect him for doing things we are stongly recomended not to do
i now ran out things to tak about due to liek i said my lak of news and how well im inforumed becase at omse point i kida gave up on the wrold to bec eom a better palce
not to worrie tho if you found this at all funny or amusing then there shale be more  just only on insperations sedcual aslo if you have not seen my last entry  do check it out



I loved reading this..:)and last entry way to go you