Radiologist Consultation Eve

Tomorrow I will have my radiology consultation.  I missed the first appointment last week due to being sick and having a migraine.  Tonight I am taking a muscle relaxer because I woke up with a bad neck and shoulder pain this morning, and I won't chance another headache prolonging this process!  I want to get going on this so it can end sooner and I can get on with my life.I told my girlfriend about my goal that I made to stay positive every day during this process, and she told me I was an inspiration.  I have tried to inspire women most of my adult life, yet here I am inspiring, by just doing my best to get through this.  I am not trying to inspire others with my cancer, yet it seems to be that when we go through trials, others are always watching.  All I am trying to do is to control what I can, and the only thing I can control about this whole thing is my attitude.  Having Fibromyalgia makes it difficult, like wondering when the next headache will strike, or will I get sick and not be able to finish the radiation.  That's why it's especially important to maintain the attitude that no matter what comes up, I will smile and not burden others with a bad attitude.  As the Easter season approaches, I'm going to borrow from the Passover event to help me with radiation.  I'm going to picture the good, healthy cells as being protected as the radiation pass overs them, and the angel of death destroys the bad, unhealthy cells.  Then when it is over, the healthy cells will be free to march out of the shadow of darkness and begin a new life in the Promised Land.This will be the picture I take with me to the radiation room.