Radiation Treatments

Hi Everybody, especially Jackie and Dodi!I feel like I am not in this alone, as you are there for me, going through each step with me.Happy Saint Patrick's Day!  03/17/2009I made it to the radiologist appointment today, and he is going to start the treatments later than I expected.  He wants me to recover a little more from the surgery, so on March 31rst, I will go in and get set up with the machine and get positioned.  Then just a few days afterward ( In the first week of April)  I will be starting the treatments.  I will have 25 treatments from Monday through Friday, and most likely be staying at the Hope Lodge in Marshfield for much of the time during the week so I don't have to drive back and forth.  I found out that the American Cancer Society has these very nice places set up so cancer patients can stay for free when needed as in my situation.They watch you carefully the entire while, with Mondays being "Doctor Day" and Thursdays being "Nurse Day" so you can discuss all side effects and health concerns with them.  Of course they make it plain that you can ask any questions at any time inbetween also.I feel better knowing that I have two more weeks to completely recover and get a little more grounded before doing this.  I am still on steady pain killers from the surgery, and dealing with the flare-up of Fibromyalgia as well with migraines, and fatigue and body aches.  The doctor is not planning on doing "spot treatments" at this time, but it will depend on how the treatments go.  If it ends up that I need one or two of them, I will have to stay in the hospital overnight, which I did not realize.  So hopefully all will go well with the regular treatments!Again, I thank you for your prayers and thoughts and I am riding on the wings of your love!  Theresa "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." -- Helen Keller