Radiation Begins

I had my appointment today to get positioned for the radiation.  They put four tiny little tatoos on me in order to know exactly where to position me each time.  And to think I gave my oldest son a hard time when he got his first tatoo!  Actually they are tiny little black spots.  I will call them my healing marks!  Ok, so that was done, and the actual first radiation treatment will be this Thursday, April 2nd.  I will start staying at the Hope Lodge in Marshfield, WI on Thursday night so I don't have to drive back and forth every day.  I also go this Friday, then home for the weekend, and back on Monday.  I will get 28 treatments altogether.I will have Internet access at the Hope Lodge, and for those of you who want the address or phone, you can just email me for that information.But I will check my emails daily, and I should have plenty of time to keep in touch!I feel a little anxious about staying away from my comfort zone-my house, and my animals, and leaving my daughter alone some of the time.  Of course she will have a vehicle and be able to come see me and stay with me any time.  My hubby is planning to stay with me each night since he works in Marshfield, (and of course he can't stand to stay away from me!)I intend to keep my goal of staying positive every single day (see my goal below), and am looking forward to meeting new friends at the Hope Lodge.  I'm bringing my guitar, my spiritual books, and my writing materials, and am looking forward to a time of self-reflection and healing.  When this is all done, I hope I can somehow help others who embark on this journey called "cancer".