Quiet?, More People, Hot,Rainy, PT, Oil Problems, Schools Out

Hey AllWell everything is still here. Dustin is doing ok with his foot. Sunday was quiet and I was happy. Dustin mom found a place to live now one of the boys back out from helping her with the money. Both boys draw disability and she needs both to get a house to rent or rent to own. Well she has three boys  the old est live with them in grandmas house and came in and out as he please and didn't do nothing and mom sent him on his way with his fiance pregnant to her parents garage. Well they decided they learn a lesson and wanted to live with his mom now who's name is jennifer. Well the middle son Justin went to his dad and we think his dad told him he could do anything with his money and he's decide to blow his money instead of helping with the house and his mom. Well his mom is stuck with a house in owner's finance and not alot of money but I rode with her to town the other night and we talk. I learn some about her and believe she can make it on little bit of money. She can make a little go a long way.So now she is staying with us while they are cleaning up the house and getting ready to move in. She gave us money to get food on friday or we wouldn't had money to get food. So we appreciate her help. Her kids is staying here and she is to so I guess she owes us some. But we not asking no more we are being neighbors. God says to love thy neighbors and so we are loving them and helping and if she can pay then so be it. But unless Justin pitches in they can't afford much. Before the house for some reason the boys talk Jennifer into buying two hundred dollars worth of fireworks but now she regrets buying them. Now justin wants to come down and shoot them off tomorrow well maybe we can talk. I still love Justin as a son but I don't have to like his decision and I will let him know it to. I call about my speeding ticket today and it will cost me 137.50 to pay for it or go to court so I will send it out tomorrow. Dustin has a appt today to get a eeg scedule so he can get it done so he can have surgery. Justin is suppose to have surgery in November and we thinking by then he will be changing his mind about his father and staying there because his father will not take care of him laid up after surgery. After a couple of months of blowing his check then his father will ask for money or start telling him to do stuff. Justin thinks its being a man to stand up and do what he wants with his money but he doesn't understand the concept of being a man. He's mentally challenge and I don't understanding the govenment giving him the money to spend. They should be giving it to a adult.  Well I also been to PT and he told me that other then doing the things I already know to do stress is my biggest thing and he can't help me there so he's letting me go. I went to my group. I went to see my doc on monday and he order a ct scan because my foot is starting to go out ward and I have a lump on my where I feel. So wed I got my ct scan and I will have results next week I hope. Anthony had a party at moms on tuesday and joey went to and they had fun and spent the night and then on thursday my brother is having a party but I'm not feeling the best of going. Joey is going I'm not sure about anthony. Me and brother don't get along and I still feel one of my brothers told dad about Rhonda and told bad things on her making him call me stupid letting her stay at my house. So right now the way I feel I'm staying neutral with them and staying away if I can.I do it I I feel Ok and enough so Mom doesn't think something is wrong. But I did try to take a nap and the phone rung and rung and I couldn't sleep. My doc says my labs are good and my fatigue is probably from my meds. So thats i thats. Hes leaving in december so I'm having to find another doctor. The last few months my right foot which had the cancer in it and it numb has turn out and I ignore it til now and the technician at the ct scan had to tape them together to do the scan. Well I guess thats it. I'm wearing my glasses. I got a tired smiley. I'm clean still. My weight sucks,helping out the best I can, my house sucks at the moment,school is out, I went to aftercare on tuesday but not tonight,clean desk today maybe, feel better another day, working on 14 years, health is never under control, finish school in a year. Thanks love ya all.Have a pain free day. Stick together. Pray for one another. Have patience with those who does not understand our pain.Thank God for DS and another day to be here. Love ya all.Robin