Quick - hand me the remote!

Watching Boston Med last night, one of the cases was a little girl who was wheeled into the ER with blood on her brain, stroking out. 
And all of a sudden I got very fearful about having a bleed on this damn warfarin. It just came over me, as if it was a certainty - this is what's going to happen. Maybe not now, but tomorrow. Or when I'm 80.  Or for sure somewhere in between tomorrow and 80.
And I'm a reasonable person who likes facts a bit more than fantasy, but I almost, ALMOST felt like this was a premonition. No such thing though.........?
I'd rather have a PE than a stroke. I'd rather have daily DVT's than just one stroke. (Read the above line through the bright-white veil of panic that comes with it) 
Right when I get complacent or feeling at least a little in control of my healthcare decisions, something comes along to make me have second (and third and fortieth) thoughts. And I gotta quit watching TV!



I pretty much refuse to watch \"reality\" health shows for just this reason. Maybe you\'ll have another event, maybe you won\'t. But you can\'t dwell on the unknown, or you\'ll go crazy. We don\'t need any more crazy in our lives!