Putting life in perspective

I was having a semi-rough weekend with Sarah, mostly because I'm feeling tired and hormonal and kinda cranky so my tolerance level is low. I was getting irritated by her requests for things that I was starting to view as excessive or ill timed or inconsiderate. Then I signed onto DS and read a couple of posts by other people having truly rough times and wow did it put me in my place. It put my little bitchy thoughts in perspective and I realized that I have nothing to compain about. Ya, I'm tired and things could be better but I'm grateful too, so it's good for me to be reminded of that once in a while.We have come a long way baby! I'm so glad the kids aren't little anymore. I love little ones,and especially babies, but I was completely overwhelmed and outnumbered when mine were preschoolers and they were such handfuls. It makes me tired just thinking about it.So while I have my worries and of course I still need to help Sarah and get her on track, things could be worse. And I've just made friends with a community of people that are supportive and caring and here for me. And remind me of how far we've come and what I've got to be grateful for.Life could definitely be worse. No complaints today.