Pushing 200...AGAIN

This is my first time joining an online support group. I don't feel like I have any support at home. I really need to lose weight, there really is no other choice for me.  I don't have any health problems but they are in the family on both sides. My maternal grandparents both had diabetes and so do all of their children (6) with the exeption of one who died in her 20's of a heart condition. My father and mother have High Blood Pressure. It seems that I am destined to have those conditions, but I refuse. The problem is: mentally, I say its not going to happen to me, but physically, I'm not doing anything to prevent it. And what's worse is I know exactly what it takes to lose weight, I've done it a few times before, and now I am a Nutrition major in college, hoping to beat the fight for my health, and one day be able to help others. Starting with our children. I'm not looking for a miracle pill, I'm not looking for some super quick and easy solution. I don't mind working out. I enjoy being active as long as I'm having fun. And if I'm not having fun, I can usually endure long enough to benefit my health, but It just takes so much out of me to get started, but I feel great when its over, tired but glad I worked out.It takes the time and effort to eat healthy foods, and get a sufficient amout of activity daily. I am willing to do the work, but I am just NOT MOTIVATED. When I graduated high school in 2001, I weighed 186lbs. my highest weight at that time. within 2 years, I had gained 40+ lbs weighing at about 227. I was so depressed and stressed. I joined Curves and lost 20lbs in about 4 months, I continued to go for maybe 2 yrs, but I just couldn't seem to break the 200 mark. So I decided to join a local gym. I had lost about 5lbs on my own in about a month or 2, but I needed more, so I joined LA Weightloss in early 2007. I lost about 35 lbs in a little over 3 months. Best program I've ever tried, but issues at home prevented me from going to the tri-weekly appointments and I eventually stopped keeping track of my food intake and quit trying. I had gotten down to 174 then I was up between 180-185 up until very recently, this holiday season. I have just gotten out of control! I stepped on the scale today and I weighed just under 200. I CANNOT GO BACK TO WHERE I WAS BEFORE. I CANNOT!!! I need to make up my mind that my health is the most important thing to me. I don't have any kids,and If I plan on having any, I must be healthy in order to produce healthy babies. When I look in the mirror, its not so bad. The way I look doesn't bother me so much. Although I would love to have a feminine athletic build (ripped abs included. lol)It is mainly the numbers on the scale that remind me just how overweight I am, and its the constant threat that's in my mind all the time: Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease. They all can be hereditary, but They all CAN be prevented. If any one actually sat and read all of this, and you can offer me any type of support for  beating my fight for my health, PLEASE DO. Every little bit helps. Thank You.