Purpose of life

My friend at DS Decibel posted a short film "The Egg" that really gives an interesting perspective about the fundamental human question of What is life about? The discussion is linked
The film describes a dead homeless person who went to see God and learnt all humans are incarnations of one who is being grown to become God-like. Here are some quick thoughts from the film. (1) The purpose of life is to experience, mature, and grow. The emotions we feel in this grief process are meant to help us grow. There is no life if there is no growth. The ultimate goal of the growth is to become God-like. (2) Your spouse is living, in you, because you are part of her or him that has grown out of the passing. You become you because of her or him. (3) Your experiences in joy, happiness, or pain, or sadness are for you and you only. Nobody can replace you for your emotion. You are on your own in this. Only God is with you all the time, and that is enough. You need to grow out of your old self to become new. Any relationship with others can only be sustained once you become an independent and self-sustained new you. (4) A close one-on-one relationship with God is possible because He and you are all there are. There is no one else. So be honest and truthful with God and yourself in this relationship. (5) "All religions are right, in their own ways". The story is told with a background reasoning of Buddhism. However, the universal love, forgiveness, and compassion to all our fellow humans and maybe all living creatures are all what matter at the heart of the religions and this film. I really enjoy it.    



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What brought that film to mind today was a private message in which I was discussing the Jewish concept of reincarnation. We do believe that souls grow and learn over iterative lives in the corporeal world. We also believe firmly that people have free choice to do the \"right\" thing or not. There is no immediate punishment, no lightning bolt from Heaven. There is a sense that doing the right thing is satisfying and helps others, builds the community, perpetuates the ancient traditions.

There is a book of Chassidic philosophy named Tanya which I studied in a group with a wise rabbi. In it, it is said that people have 2 souls - the animal soul, and the spiritual one. It is the spiritual one that is \"recycled.\" It is also said that through God\'s spirit, every living thing has a \"soul\" - even the wooden table we sat at has a bit of God\'s spirit because it was once alive. Also there is a long discussion about what it means to be good, to be \"righteous.\" People are classified into 3 groups: The completely righteous, the \"tzaddik\" - the completely evil, the \"rasha\" - and the ones in the middle, the \"beinoni.\" It is said that it is difficult, nearly impossible to be completely righteous, but being \"average\" is much better than succumbing to evil.

Jews also do not have a concept of Hell. There is a sort of \"purgatory\" for very bad souls who need some purification before going to the next step after death. Jews think that the greatest evil is here on Earth, and it is our duty every day to combat it and make things better.

We believe that if we work very hard, and learn, and grow, some day we will be worthy of restoring the glory of our Temple to Jerusalem, and the whole world will be at peace and love God, and a new era will begin. We believe that the terrible things that happened to Jews, the destruction of the two temples, the Diaspora from our homeland, some say even the Holocaust, were brought upon ourselves by forsaking the righteous path.

So each of us in our own life can make progress to bring the return of the Moschiach and the \"golden age\" - and encourage others to be righteous as well, through community.

And we believe that God loves all people, even non-Jews, and that other religions have their merits, only they have diverged from the way we follow.

Tiger and Dec that movie blew me away!!!!!!!!! I had used the I don\'t like organized religion excuse to keep me away from church ..because to me there was no way there could only be one way in Gods world. I cant believe that in order for one group to be right everyone else has to be wrong...when I went back I was so happy to see and feel that church was more of a special place to take the time to reflect and thank my strong tower with others. I just registered a lot with that movie!! On the grief issue I can see why we all connect just like when she gave the coat at the end!! Ahhh have a wonderful day guys!!

Isn\'t it great to have the choice of belief? I have studied theology and many philosophies and took \"truth\" from each and every one that spoke truth to me. Rather than stating or conforming to any one religion, I simply consider myself a hodgepodge Pagan. I am a spirit being having a human experience. And yes . . we are all here to grow and evolve . . through our suffering. It is a part of life that cannot be avoided, but rather best to embrace with faith. Hugs to all. D