puppies and stuff

well we have puppies....six of them, we had a surprise addition last night. They all are healthy and active and momma is doing a good job. I was a bit worried about her, she hadnt eaten anything exept whatever treats we took to her and coaxed into eating. I made up a concoction of sardines and gravy and put it over her kibble and she finally ate.....i guess the grosser the better.
went for my follow up from the scope and basically he said to learn to live with it??? I dont think so!! I will figure this out.
I found Dr. Andrew Weil's book spontaneous healling in a used book store and I find it very interesting....I have been doing alot og the things he suggests already but there are a few more I am going to add, mostly in the supplement area. It was a little spooky the other day, while rading a business card fell out of the book and it was for a natropathic doctor who had an office here in town.....so I googled him and found out he had passed away, but I thought maybe this means maybe i should see a natropath. i had just read in Dr. Weil's book about osteopaths and was thinking of booking an appointment with one......must ponder this more.
Hubby found a contraption that allows my bicycle to become a stationary bike so I have started riding in the garage....looking out the door I can pretend I am riding outside.
I guess thats it for now, nothing really happening here except the puppies. I am going to post some pics as soon as im done with this.....there are only five puppies in the pics because we thought she was done and i havent taken anymore yet.