Pulmonologist visit

I went in and had my 6 month check up at the pulmonologist's office a few days ago. He asked how I had been and I told him about my upper respiratory infection and how it had given me all sorts of problems a few weeks ago. To my surprise, he seemed pleased about this. I thought the man had turned into some sort of sadist until he explained his reaction. He said that he was pleased because my asthma didn't send me to the ER or get me admitted to the hospital due to the URI. He also reminded me that 2 years ago, that is precisely what would have happened. (I hate it when he's right..and I still wasn't too crazy about his smile during my tale of woe. )
He was right though. I weathered the storm by using my action plan, my nebulizer, and behaving myself...and taking the extra meds prescribed for the URI.  I asked him about a possible reduction in my meds but he doesn't want to change anything at this time.  Barring any problems, I don't have to go back for another six months. I'm not out of the woods though.
Next up, the neurologist on the 13th...and then the movement disorder clinic on the 22nd.  Busy, busy, busy...as usual.
It's a beautiful day here in St.Charles. I hope you have nice weather as well. I think I may take a walk outside.
Be well,



Hey there. I know EXACTLY what you mean about a grinning PULMO. I would have been annoyed no matter what the explanation is. This is human suffering we are talking about. True he had a point, but still, you know what it felt like and that\'s no smiling matter. I\'m really glad you \"weathered the storm\". I wish you a speedy dash \'out of the woods\', though. Take care!!