Pulm Visit

Well, I went to the pulmonologist's office today and the outlook wasn't all that bad. I received the anticipated lecture about being out in the heat and took it. I had it coming.  The pulmonologist and his nurse practitioner checked me out and told me that the drop in O2 the other night was an aftereffect of the attack.  They had me do a walking test and monitored my o2 level. It was back up to 96-98% which is great. However they did say it may not be totally accurate since I'm still on heavy doses of meds.   Speaking of that, (nifty subject change there) I was put on a pred taper that will be about 30 days. It'll be a long month but you do what you have to.  I'll be glad to start reducing the med amounts. My hands shook so badly at the pulm's office that it was hard to sign in . This stuff makes you so darn jittery. I may get an oximeter to help keep better track of my situation while at home. It was suggested to me by someone on site that I have an emegency supply of oxygen on hand at home. as well . Interesting thought. I'll have to ask the doctor about it. I also got a Temporary Disability Parking Placard for my car. It was  suggested that I get a permanent placard by someone on site whose opinion is usually right on. I'll probably have to in the long run, but I'm not ready to take that step just yet.  I have six months to think on it. A lot can happen in 6 months..  It's like that old fable (Oh NO, not another story!) A couple of thieves were brought before the king to be judged for their transgressions. The first thief was sentenced to 20 years in the galley of a ship. The second thief,though. had a piece of knowledge that he thought would help him. It seems the king had a magnificent Arabian Stallion that he just adored. Knowing this ,the second thief was called before the king.  Before he could be sentenced the thief asked if he could speak. When permisiion was granted, the thief boldly stated "Your Majesty, I know I have done wrong. To atone for this,give me a year, and  I will teach your horse to speak!" Impressed by the thief's confidence and intrigued with the prospect of conversing with his favorite stallion, the king accepted the deal. On the way back from the palace the first thief said " You fool, what will you do at the end of the year. The king will be furious!" The second thief responded " A lot can happen in a year. The king may die, or I may die,....or the horse may talk!" I sometimes feel like the second thief. Hope springs eternal.  I must be feeling better if I'm venturing into whimsy. I do feel relieved though. Now I can just focus on getting over this recent flare. Be well all, and thanks for the support. Tom