Pulling up my Boot straps.

Dear Journal,
  Don't even know if boots have straps but in any case here goes;
I have been sitting here going back n forth with myself as to what I am ,and what i need to do to change it.
1. I am tired of being the sweet,shy, innocent girl being taken advantage of at every turn.
2. I am a wife....(this will be changing quickly)
3. I am a daughter (that wont change).
4. I am a sister and a godmother/aunt (this to will not change)
5. I am a friend to some...and very possible an enemy to others(this i cannot change)
6. I am a hard worker to where i can get compulsive about it.
7. I am a good listener/supporter (I hope).
    So in being all these things,why do i get the short stick in everything,my marriage,my job,my overview on things in general.....
    Yes ok I am listened to ,but no one I feel actually HEARS me.
 With that being said I am moving forward with MY life,I am looking for an apartment ,i have called the lawyer again(really wish she would call back).
 whats that saying Shoot first ask Questions later?
Well in this case, I am moving first on with my life,and will let the questions and comments come later....I have tried to explain to my family and friends outside of DS what is going on with me,I get the 10 minute pity thing,and the hr long are you sure thing......This is what  I mean by they listen but they dont hear me....I love my family and friends....But they just dont get it.
 So thats it......Its Onward and Upward for me......I dont want to hurt anyone in the process......but i feel that is exactly what will happen,,,,,I also know this is my life not theirs,and sooner or later they will also come to that realization.