Prolotherapy (A New Therapy for Me)

Well, the myotherapy was helpful along with the Active Release, but I still can't walk more than a block, climb stairs, sweep, etc. or in anyway overuse my leg or back muscles, or pain returns.  I constantly feel pulling and tugging in my leg muscles. I knew that I still hadn't found the source of my pain, so happened to hear about prolotherapy and did extensive research on it. Prolotherapy strengthens lax or weakened ligaments and tendons.  After rethinking the 2 injuries that I incured, I felt that I probably did have ligaments that had been stretched beyond their capacity and they had never healed.  Thus, I scheduled a consultation with an osteopath in the S.F. Bay Area who specializes in prolotherapy.  After discussing my case as to how my pain started and where it is, she palpitated the tissue in the areas that would cause me leg and lower back pain and indeed found that I have weakened  ligaments in both sacroillac joints (SI joints) and lumbar spine.  The prodedure requires injections of sugar-water into the spot where the ligaments attach to the bone.  This leads to local inflammation that results in the deposits of new collagen.  As this collagen matures, it strinks and strengthens the ligament.  My first set of 40 injections is scheduled for Sept. 29.  Sessions are usually done once a month and the patient will require 3-6+ sets, depending on the severity of the problem.  I have HOPE that these weakened ligaments are the root cause of my pain, because I've certainly had years of muscle/ fascia and chiropractic work without the desired results.