progress on some of my goals

Recently, I achieved one of my goalswhich was a family vacation for all ofus. I am relieved and satisfied that wewere happy to go on it. This week sincethings are slow at work I finally startedmoving ahead on some of my other goals.I got my health care renewed, signed upfor a local employment centre, startedinvestigating the primary education systemin my city(my dream job), and started to read books onresume' writing (mine is acient!!!) There is so much to do but at least I started!!! I am determined to face things head on and stop puttingmy head in the sand. It really does work my life is 50%calmer and better than it was a few years ago, the questionis how much better can I make it ? This is what I am determinedto find out!!! To all of us I wish happiness and peace,now and always hugs Ida.