progress not perfection

been to cannock tonight with my sponser for an aa meetingit was ok. i reall enjoyed my sponsers main share thothat was very good and an insperation to memy sponser is an insperation to me she is a very strong lady who does have her faults heck we are all only human afterall. been reading over the few entries ive made on here and have decided to try and keep my journel ongoing if i remmemebr that is where am i athhmmm dont know where to start5 mths 5 days soberthat is a factand it is a good fact. a very posotive factand it hasnt been easyhad some shite thrown at me well some more than that but have not drank on ithavent wanted to so that is goodthe help of my programme works for medone my step 3 a couple of weeks ago. that was really liberating, feel more so free for doing itnot sure when im doing my step 4. hhm should be intersting when i get to it.let me see . made a fearless and searching moral inventory of yourself.hmmm should be interesting i say.ill let ya all know how it goes shall i. mind u its a good reminder to me to read thru this again.  i seriously would reccomend 'aa' to anyone who is struggling to stay soberand its not jus about going to meetings.get yourself a sponser. someone who you can trust or if you are like me learn how to trust.get yourself working the steps of 'aa'honestly when i did my step 3 it was like overwhelming and beautiful at the same timei had such inner peace inside of meand jus bt handing my will and life over to the care of my 'something' it is jus that simple and makes my day to day life so much more uncomplicated. yes i still have like i say a lot of shite thrown at me but i get thru it with help from my friendslike minded people like me who know exactly wtf im on about as they too suffer from the same illness as me.and yes it is an illnes and their is a cure for itonly if you want the cure. you really have to be broken to depth to want the cure so badlyand for me in my opinion it is a cure. rememebr that is just my opinon tho waffling on atm so ill finish right theirthis journel is for my benefit so i can see how im doing over the days so if anything in this you do not like rememeber it is all jus my opinion doesnt have to be yourskeep it simple just for today