Professional Domestic Services

At Professional Domestic Services Epsom, we are specialist tenant cleaners operating in London and the surrounding areas. We perform a professional end-of-lease cleaning of the highest quality, ready to meet the high criteria of a landlord inspection, so you don't lose your deposit.

Their rental property must be in perfect condition for many tenants when vacated to ensure that they will receive their owners the full deposit back. On the contrary, it is also vital that landlords provide that the property they are renting is in its most presentable and clean form to ensure a quick rental. In any case, it makes perfect sense. Who would want to maneuver in a dirty apartment or house? We surely would not.

So what's included in the Epsom End-of-Lease Cleaning?

To get started, we will dispatch our Epsom End-of-Lease Cleaning Team, who are highly trained and experienced cleaners who understand the high standards your cleaning must meet to end the lease-cleaning. Counting on the cleaning package, you book with us and any custom requirements you have, our goal is to provide a thorough and thorough cleaning of your entire property from the front entrance. We will clean up and down, behind and under furniture. Our goal is to combat mold and mildew, pet hair, dirt, and grime. Our deep cleaning service is guaranteed so that if you are not entirely proud of the cleanliness, we will fix things by doing a new cleaning on site.


Cleaning the fridge-freezer, cleaning appliances, cleaning work surfaces, mopping or vacuuming the floor, cleaning and cleaning kitchen cabinets, cleaning inside windows, emptying bins, cleaning baseboards, removing cobwebs from the ceilings, and the lights.


Cleaning and descaling of sinks, taps, tiles, deep cleaning of bathtubs and showers, polishing faucets and mirrors, cleaning basins, emptying bins and scrubbing floors, cleaning baseboards.

Bedrooms and living rooms:

we were Cleaning dust in rooms, scrubbing and vacuuming floors, cleaning interior windows, polishing furniture, cleaning and polishing mirrors, cleaning doors, cleaning drawers and cupboards, emptying wastebaskets.

Corridors and stairs:

Cleaning baseboards, cleaning light switches, dusting walls and ceiling lights, emptying containers, vacuuming or mopping floors, cleaning or polishing railings.

Why Choose Us For Your Clean Lease End?

We offer very competitive rates, and our friendly Epsom end-of-lease cleaning team is always ready to help. Other companies may offer lower prices. However, you will pay more at the end of the day if things are not done correctly. We also provide guaranteed cleanliness, which suggests that if you are not entirely proud of the cleanliness, raise your concerns with the team in question. They will immediately do a new hassle-free cleaning. We offer good value cleaning with no hidden charges. We use specialized grade professional detergents and cleaners and high-tech cleaning equipment to make sure you get what you buy - a deep clean! Our experienced teams take pride in their work and always strive for the best cleaning results possible. Our teams are polite and friendly, ensuring that the highest quality work is carried out at all times. With Cullens, you are always vetted, trained, insured, and directly hired by professionals. That means that we can guarantee the highest standards of cleanliness and service.