Productive weds.

Well lets see now i saw 3 apartments,have an appt with attorney next tues at lunch time,saw therapist....all in all a productive day,but a sad 1 therapist said she is happy i am online with you lovely-helpful people,as we tend to get our emotions / feelings out more by writing them down,she, as well as all of you, are i believe  my angels,as i walk down this road,on some days it is a very rocky road,and other days kinda smooth..........scared a little what my future holds,upset at the 360 degree turn my life has taken in little less than a week,my therapist did say i really should let my mother know about my situation,cuz as she puts it or asked me rather,why wouldnt I let the person who nurtured and raised me,comfort me as well.My mother is 78 and has health issues,to which i am trying not to upset her fully,once i have all my plans in order,then i will tell her,which should be sometime next week,I just wanna see what the lawyer says,this way when my mother barrages me with a 100 questions in less than 5 mins,then i will have solid answers instead of "I dont know" as an answer....I am trying to accomplish 1 goal a day,today is a work day for me,so i need to concentrate on that,cuz i may need time off later on. Have a great day all,and thanks as always.