Pretty good day

Today I feel pretty good. A little tired maybe ...but pretty good. Because of this and that I have been watching more TV than usual. After engaging in such a sedate pursuit you would think that I wouldn't find anything to complain about, wouldn't you? Well you would be wrong.  This is absolutely the worst time to be housebound. All day and night, there is just one political ad after another.You know how ithe ads go... " While WE have tried to run a clean campaign... our opponent who is a mudslinger of the first order has not.Time after time we have been subjected to his misreprentations and downright lies. Well, WE are above all that!! Why, if we wanted to resort to his tactics we might mention his ties to organized crime, his kickbacks from major..(oil, banks, insurance companies, unions..pick one or more) or his commitment to raise taxes, reduce social security benefits, burn all churches and kick dogs. But we are running a clean campaign and won't resort to all the vile practices of our opponent...that low down, thieving, villainous skunk!"  Paid for by Citizens for Homer Thrushwhistle...Thrushwhistle, the people's choice for Dog Catcher! I will be sooo happy when the elections are over. Other than that, I don't have too much to gripe about. It's been a slow day. Tom