Preparing Your Home for Marble Countertops

You’ve picked out your new marble countertops from Milton, GA. Now it’s just a matter of time before your design team installs them. Prepare your home and your family for installation day with these tips.

Preparing Your Surfaces

First, remove all appliances and decorations from your countertops. Store them in the dining room or garage, not under the counters. If you’re upgrading your countertops from wood to stone, your designer might suggest adding extra supports. To install supports, you’ll have to empty out your lower cabinets as well. Remove any artwork or photo frames from the adjoining walls. The process of removing your old countertops and the power tools used during the installation could rattle the wall enough to cause hanging frames and decor to fall. Remove these items and wrap fragile pieces in towels or bubble wrap before boxing them. Finally, take the time to wipe down your countertops and mop your kitchen floors. This will provide clean surfaces for your design team to work with and reduce the amount of dust and debris generated during the install.

Clearing the Way

On installation day, your countertop crew will need a clear path to your kitchen. Consider the layout of your home and determine the most direct path to your kitchen. If they have to cut through your living room, consider pushing couches and coffee tables against the farthest wall. This will give them more room to maneuver the stone. If the shortest distance to the kitchen it through the garage, park your vehicles on the curb and make sure they have a clear path into the kitchen. While your installation crew will make every effort to avoid damaging your home and your belongings, understand that accidents do happen. Remove valuables like vases and mirrors from the path. Take photo frames and decor off the walls and store them in another room until the installation is complete. If you’re worried about your flooring, put down plastic carpet film to protect your floors from excess foot traffic.

Preparing Your Family

The installation process will probably take up a large portion of your day and the equipment can be loud. Consider dropping small children with a babysitter and secure animals in a separate room or a kennel. Take the time to prepare now with these tips and you’re installation will go off without a hitch. Soon you’ll be enjoying your new marble countertops from Milton, GA.