Preparing For My Post Surgical Follow up

It's time for my next follow up at my neurosurgeon. I had a disc replacement on December 17th and they've rescheduled my appointment once already. My surgeon had a surgery he needed to do on Monday so I go on March 4th instead. I had the exrays done on Thursday of last week, paper copies for me and disc for the doctor to look at. This time there are three exrays, side, front and one with my mouth wide open. That last one was a tad uncomfy but it shows the front of my cervical spine nicely, and my fillings...hee hee. 
I always try to be fully prepared when I go to my doctor as I know his time is valuable and I don't want to be there forever, either in the waiting room on the chairs or in the examination room which is chilly. Funny how my comfort is important to me, more so since the spinal surgeries. I take a sweater, layers are good; and a good book or my kindle so if I do have to wait I'm not "that" person. You know the one...whine, pitch, moan; that is in every doctor's office. It's too cold, I'm bored, I'm too busy for this, when will he be done with that last person that is not 
So, what do I ask when I go? It depends on the appointment. Post Surgery, I have a little list. Poor doc. I remember the first time he met me and my ever present list. I thought he'd have kittens. I assured him it would take 3 mins or less and he could answer my concerns in 1. I did and he did. Since then there is mutual respect. He knows I won't waste his time on "stupid" questions...which by the way, I believe there are no stupid questions, just uninformed ones.
On to my questions; this time I'll be asking about the level lower than the one we "fixed" as it was the level we were keeping an eye on. If the surgeon was inside my spine, I want to know what he saw. Also, prognosis for future of my cervical spine. This deterioration came so fast that it was shocking to both of us. In 9 months a level "blew" requiring surgery. I do so hope this isn't going to be my norm. 
I have concerns regarding the nerve symptoms I have that are new. Q: Are the symptoms related to the recent surgery or are they indicative of new problems? 
I had an issue with my PT and need to tell him about what happened there. It was a malfunctioning machine but it caused me severe pain for around 4 days post treatment and as it was only 2 weeks post-op at the time, he needs to be informed.
I am also experiencing some minor bowel and bladder issues. This is typical for DDD patients and not always discussed in public. I hope to be as candid here as I can be for others to see they are not alone. For me at this time, the urge to void means I must be in close proximity to a rest room most of the time now. I can't always wait as long as I used to. Now to be fair, I am a post-menopausal woman, though quite young for it as I had serious problems in my 30's. It could be my concern isn't spinal related but I have to confirm this with the doctor. 
I need to tell him of the continuing and worsening numbness in my arms, the radiating nerve pain in my outer upper arms, the tightness across my chest ( which my PT stretch does relieve) and the weakness in my upper body overall. I also have a lessening ability to use my left hand, with nerve pain in the base of the thumb.
There, I think that's all I can think of for now. I'll let you know what he says. ( I will be seeing his primary PA, not the surgeon himself, but he does stick his head in to say hi and if I do have a major issue, the PA will get him for me.)