Preparing for a colonoscopy

Hi Friends,It took me an hour to get out of bed this morning!  I've been thinking about the surgery, and realized that with Fibromyalgia, I may be pretty stiff when it is over, besides the usual expectations of pain, etc.  So I did some stretching last night, and oh my goodness!  This morning my knee was so cramped I was afraid to move.  Slow, slower, slower even, it was the only way out of bed.  I can now say after two hours of sitting with the hot pad and letting pain killer work, I am feeling good enough for the rest of the morning.I also did some meditating last night.  I used to do that all the time, but stopped as I got more tired.  I know it helps my emotional healing.We are expecting a snowstorm tonight.  We've had our January thaw and now ready for more winter.  Tomorrow I get to prepare for the colonoscopy.  I get to eat breakfast, and then go the rest of the day with clear liquids and that awful stuff to drink, and Thursday morning we go to the clinic.  Any advice on drinking that stuff for four hours?  I know I will be near the bathroom, but I'm more worried about getting it all down.Thanks!