Pred Again

I know that RA is traveling, but mine had been in one place for so long that I actually forgot what it is like to have a flare. Well this one is in my foot and is so painful. I can't walk real good on it and when I sit down it hurst like a beast. When I get up or just let my leg hang over the mattress, then the pain feels better. I just can't figure that one out. My Rheumy put me on a 15 day Pred Pack until I get my tooth out and then I'll probably be on Antibiotics again. In the meantime I am off Mtx and in alot of pain. How long will this pain last. I have a life to lead and things I still want to do and can't. I am frustrated that my people just don't get it. They see me up and about and think I am feeling fine. My Husband I seem to be at odds lately too. He is supportive as far as doing chores for me, but emotionaly he is far away, and it hurts. My Children too. At least that how I feel right now. I hope and Pray things will improve, I feel my life is wasted just lying in bed most of the time right now.