pre-op visit

Today I had my pre-op visit at the hopital. I had blood drawn for additonal liver function tests. Nurses were nice. Waited a good but for the interview with the physician's assistant who was late, but turned out to be super nice. I feel better about the biopsy procedure. Still hell of scary/invasive, but now I know they will sedate me. Yay sedation! It will be the twilight sedation I've heard talk about. Now th emost worrisome thing is knowing I'll be in bed for 6 hours afterwards, for observation. Hope for no bleeding!
Ford will be going with me; he may leave for a while but will stay for most of the day and will drive me home... That is good. I've done all of my doctor's visits so far by myself. That's kind of a big deal because I'm famous for near-agoraphobia levels of anxiety about almost everything, so for me to go alone to so many doctor's appts. up to this point is a positive thing.
The PA I talked to today seemed...less serious about HCV. Not in a frivolous way, just, maybe he was being reassuring? I don't know.. he didn't scare me so much. He seemed to imply that the cirrhosis and cancer are more likely to happen - rather than a certainty. Maybe I will not suffer so much damage. he did talk about the scarring. I guess we will see. We'll see just how much scarring there is after the biopsy.  The good news is that, well, I will have the results by next week. I hope th enews is truly good. Or at least not bad.