Powers Of Attorney And Wills

An introduction to powers of attorney, including explanations of legal terms, different types of power of attorney documents, and other important information. The principal can sign a durable power of attorney for health care, or healthcare power of attorney (HCPA), if he wants an agent to have the power to make health-related decisions. In addition to a civil legal malpractice lawsuit, in cases of fraud or theft, the attorney can be reported to the State Bar or criminally prosecuted. Most power of attorney documents allow an agent to represent the principal in all property and financial matters as long as the principal's mental state of mind is good.
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For example, a property attorney may be given the power to pay certain bills from a chequing account or you may give a personal attorney authority to decide on a place of residence for you. If a lawyer is making your will, you can ask about making Powers of Attorney too. If you want the power of attorney to be enduring (continue even if you later lack capacity) there are additional requirements.1135636-Cartoon-Of-A-Black-And-White-Pum
That's the legal” definition, but that fact is that a properly worded power of attorney document is the foundation of any good estate plan and if it is not worded precisely according to the statues of your state, the person you've chosen will not be allowed to legally act on your behalf. This program is offered by the District Attorney's Office and is intended for individuals with questions about child support and paternity.
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However, if the attorney-in-fact needs to manage property, then the document should be filed with the County Clerk or the Land Titles Office (depending on the jurisdiction). An attorney-in-fact can be held liable if he willfully acts in a manner that is not in the best interest of the principal. If you only want your attorney to make certain decisions you can say this in the power of attorney document.
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The State Bar of Texas operates the Lawyer Referral Service which can help you find an attorney in your area with relevant expertise. The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office is an advocate and resource for the people of Massachusetts in many ways, including protecting consumers, combating fraud and corruption, investigating and prosecuting crime, and protecting the environment, workers, and civil rights.cbbee4a4062c6effce386392ac90c502ed5d3ee4