Post funeral and other

My daughter and family are safely back after the funeral Friday, with an hour delay stuck in traffic due to bridgework cutting it down to one lane. On the way down they experienced the same strong storm system Wednesday evening and she said it was hairy for 20 minutes before she drove out of it. Maybe that was the reason she needed a big rental car, as you can hydroplane real easy in heavy downpours like she experienced.  It left an impressive 4.45 inches within 24 hr here. The ground really soaked it up though, after a two-week dry spell; although the Grand River through downtown is supposed to jump 8.5’ by Tuesday, but well below flood stage.
It saves my water bill, since about five years ago the city virtually replaced and modernized with more energy efficiency equipment, the filtration and pump plants from Lake Michigan and doubled the capacity of these 12’ high supply pipes.   My goal in the backyard is to make this normally slow growing maple tree (in nature), which was a mere 6’ tall or my height, when I first moved here in 2005. I didn’t want to wait until I was in a wheelchair or 65, to enjoy the shade on a warm summer day…and that was a big maybe, as we’re only talking 3-5” a year of new growth and height.
Not quite 5 yr yet, since I said screw the gardening books and this Spring and Fall only fertilizing. I have a library of garden and flower books, long before the Internet made most easy to look up, but not always as comprehensive, like original native place of origin, so I can study the soil and climate conditions and try to replicate as much as I can, the plants particular needs. I took biology and the small class size advanced chemistry class in HS, which ironically consisted of all of us “Hippies” and one straight Yuppie’s kid. Gave the teacher some challenges, like trying to make explosives or LSD, LOL! Those were the days…anyways, my Maple tree now reaches the peak of the garage roof or between 18-20’ TALL, I’M SO HAPPY!!! With a monthly, like the garden, fertilizer regiment and regular deep watering particularly for the tree (since my backyard is on a downward slope, I break it down in quarters and start from outside the drip line-the most outer branches/leaves of the tree and it’s grown way beyond my expectations).
I’ve been an “environmentalist”; the term wasn’t coined yet, since the first Earth Day in I think 1970 or 71, as we planted a tree in front of the HS, after a brief ceremony. When people called me a “tree hugger”, I took it as a compliment, not an insult! Along the philosophy of the Native American Indian tribes, the earth, the plants and sky were all forms of energy and to be respected. What you do now, affects your great grandchildren, long after you’ve entered back to the earth yourself. I use naturally occurring sources of the usual 12-12-12 NPK mix, straight from the ground, although it can be easily processed also in some cases. The birds keep the gardens clean of insects. The occasional aphids on the rose buds I just rub off, they fall into the mulch and since they’re poor fliers, depending on wind currents to carry them along, an earwig or centipede will have dinner.
 Flew off track as usual…there were over 400+ people who attended the funeral! I asked was he that popular and my daughter said that there were ex classmates, friends, ex g/f, neighbors, etc who through the power of Facebook received the news! I believe he’s in his mid 30’s, only met him once years ago. The finer details to the story, he already had two DUI about 20 yr ago, just had another this past March and had already been on an ankle bracelet or electronic tether, that alerts the cops if you leave your house, so probably going to jail.
What happened was he found out his g/f was going over a male friend’s of his after the bars closed in the morning! I’ve been there, ggrrrrr…. so he gets pulled over for doing 60 mph in a 30 zone, as apparently he was very angry and trying to release it through speed. Just the day before he’d bought groceries and paid his mortgage. That’s NOT characteristic of someone who’s been contemplating suicide! No one knows his personal demons but himself, so he apparently just snapped! 
An ironic twist to this is that history could have repeated itself, as my son-in-laws first marriage almost drove him to doing the same. He just came out with this recently. That woman was right on par as my ex, you didn’t want to cross her or piss her off and long after the divorce, when it finally did occur, after a lot of arbitration, they both lingered in the background making our lives difficult! It was like they weren’t done beating us up and paying us back for these imaginary and sometimes-delusional wrongs, they perceived to be put upon them.  
Speaking of which, I’m finally picking up on these collection calls looking for her, telling them she don’t live here anymore, we got divorced in Oct ’09. She no doubt used this address and phone # as her “current address”, which like her usual trick also has a forwarding address, so I rarely get anything in her name alone, unless a sub carrier delivers it by mistake. The last was an overdue Verizon bill for $1,200; that’s insane!
Don’t get me started on C-phones…I’ve been “wired” before including back then a separate GPS unit (global positioning satellite), which gave each other’s location, available 24/7 for one position and it’s no fun. It didn’t matter if I was sleeping, making intense love to my woman or sitting on the crapper, I had 15 minutes to respond to what ever situation came up and it happened often, twice a week was a good week and it could take hours to resolve. Maybe that’s how I managed to think under pressure while being moderately intoxicated at the same time. A man has to have his Saturday night playing pool with his g/f and just letting loose. Make some NOISE, YAA!