Positive Self-talk

Self-talk is the talking you do in your own head about yourself and the things that happen, your own "running commentary" on your life. Often this self-talk happens so automatically that you are barely aware of it. However, what you say to yourself can have a big effect on the way that you feel, and on what you can achieve. Your self talk can be like an internal coach, encouraging you, boosting your confidence, believing in you, and motivating you to achieve your goals, or it can be like an internal bully, undermining you, criticising you and beating up on you when you're down.
Sports psychologists have long recognised the importance of positive self-talk in helping athletes achieve their potential. Everyone who play competitive sport or who competes at a serious level faces adversity and obstacles to success: physical pain, poor conditions, strong opponents, fatigue. The only way an athlete can succeed in the face of these difficulties is to have powerful self belief and great determination. Positive self-talk is one tool that athletes use to achieve their best in competition. 
Changing your self-talk
There are three steps to changing your self-talk so it works for you rather than against you:

Identify your self-talk. Self-talk is often so habitual that people are unaware that they are doing it at all. If you are going to change your self-talk, you need to be aware of these thoughts as they happen. Take some time to notice the things you say to yourself during your day.
Assess your self-talk. Is it negative or positive? If it is negative, ask yourself these questions:

Is there any evidence for this thought?
Is there any evidence against it?
Is this the way I would talk to a friend who was in my position?
Are there any more positive ways of viewing this situation?
Am I keeping things in perspective?
Even if there is some validity to this thought, is it useful spending your energy thinking about it?

Change your self-talk.If you decide that your self-talk is unhelpful or wrong, replace the negative thoughts with a more positive alternative.



Great post! This really does work!

i agree its a good post. I feel most of my problems in my life are coz of this negative self talk. I really noticed how i speak to myself saying \'dont speak to him,ur hair is looking ghastly\' when i wanna talk to a guy i sort of like. When i have a doubt in class \'dont ask..ur just stupid enough not to know. Ull make a fun of yourself\'.

i guess its coz my parents were v.critical of me about everything. So as a child i internalised their comments and it became a part of my private speech.

Negative self talk is taught to us and usually modeled to us in early life.

It\'s a real up-hill battle to learn to grasp reality...in all it\'s good and it\'s bad...and steer clear of people who talk either too harshly...or, yes, even too enthusiastically.

A person who is always up is not always hooked up with reality.

You have every reason and every opportunity to find and try to keep happiness and joy in your life. But, there are plenty of enemies to your own happiness and you must be careful.