Good morning everyone. We are good at our house this morning. Steve  is singing Heavenly Sunshine. It was rainy and nasty yesterday while going to church. Church gets your batteries recharged and your faith encourages you to keep battling. Steve cried during service when we had prayer for the 11 yr. with colon cancer. Her cancer has returned after 6 moths on chemo. He started another round of Sutent last night. Very anxious to see how he does this month on it.  He has been on it for 40 months now. Hard to believe it. I have kept a journal for the entire time so that has helped us to keep up with side effects, etc. to be able to tell his onocologist about them.  Hope everyone is ok this morning.  Love to each of you.   Wanda   



Dearest Wanda,

i\'m sending encouraging words of prayers that Steve does well, back on the Sutent.. It\'s so good you have keep a journal of Steve\'s side effects and how he does on Sutent.. It\'s so incredable that he has been on Sutent for 40 months, i hope and pray that Tim\'s Torisel works for a very long time, as it is now, he is above the odds, as it usually last 8-12 months, he has been on it 16 months now.. I pray and thank God several times a day for Torisel, and i am so grateful Tim\'s side effects are very minor.. I feel this is a miracle in our lives and never question why nor ever wonder how, as far as i\'m concerned he is Gods hands..

Thank you for your writing such a wonderful journal, full of so much positivity and how you beleive in God, this helps me so much..

Thanks for sharing,


Hi Wanda,
What a sad story about the 11 year old. I\'ll add her to my prayers. Steve is amazing, and so are you! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Love, Ingrid