I'm thinking about changeing my bed time from 7PM to 6PM.My feet are so bad I can barely walk.By the time I get throgh this I'll be in A wheel chair.I just got done with Alana Stewart's book" My Journey With Farrah".It was good as far as there friendship was but I really question there choice of treatment.She should of had A Clostomy.I know I spelled that wrong.But she should have in brought up to her side.But instead she went to Germany to A clinic.then there is the faith healer's they called and the Christian Science practioner.If she had the surgery like the dr.'s here wanted I believed she would be alive and healthy.People do live that way.I've known of people who have had surgery's like that.It' not pleasant but you can live that way. 



I am sorry to hear you are having so much pain. I hope you can get ahead of it and get some relief very soon. Please take care.
Love & Prayers,