Playing board games

Nina, Alonso's daughter, the man who has give me reasons to believe again in love among other things, invited us to go her house for dinner and to play board games.  I am happy we went.  She made a very tasty meal, pork chops with mushrooms.  Nina simply amazes me, she lives in a farm by herself, works her butt off with the horses and has incredibly nice friends.   She has done so much to make me feel welcome, it is very touching.  We had a great time. 
Having said that, I still miss my daughter.  She did not wanted to come, and since she still is a little cold with me I didn't want to press the issue.  But I picture her, by herself and not wanting to go out.  She could have had so much fun.  I will continue inviting her.  She says she has plans for the upcoming weekend.  I think is hard for me because we were so close.  Her father wasn't around most of the time, so it was her and me.  Now is like at times, she doesn't want me around. She was pretty nice sometimes. I miss hugging her and I miss scaring the hell out of her when she will be coming home after school plugged in with her headphones and her ipod.  She used to jump really high.  We laugh on the floor many times.  We didn't had much.  But we had each other and I miss that.  I miss her terribly.  I don't think she misses me.  And yet I wish she did.