Planting Our Balcony Garden

Andrew and I have been busy planting our balcony garden lately. He gave me a rose bush for Mother's Day and when I told him I'd never grown roses before and that I knew they needed special care, he said not to worry he would do the work and I could enjoy the flowers. He got to work researching everything he needed to know on the Internet and later that week went out and bought a big pot and soil to transplant it. Well that started something! Now he's right into gardening. He kept bugging me about when was I going to be ready to do my other plants for the balcony, etc. I was putting it off because we had some cleaning going on in the complex and have learned not to do my planters too soon if they are going to be in the way of power washing or anything else.Finally about a week and half ago we went to the nursery together, I knew what I wanted and he had figured out that he wanted to add some ground cover plants to the rose planter and he wanted to do a second pot with something. He had seen a plant he really liked in someone's garden and I figured out from his description that it was Dusty Miller.Andrew was like a kid in  a candy store at the nursery....his eyes were wide and bright...he could have filled our patio too if we had the money to buy everything!So finally we have settled on white bacopa and blue sapphire lobelia around the rose bush; a single medium red geranium for my white resin tabletop; a soft pink geranium with hanging fuchsia around it  in a hanging basket just off the balcony lined up with the window so I can see it from where I sit in the living room (it's my favorite); and Andrew got a bright dark pink celosia to go with the dusty miller for another pot.After about a week we noticed the dusty miller pot was looking crowded so we decided to transplant them into a new pot. Andrew talked me into adding a second big pot to balance the rose bush one and he went on a hunt thru 3 nurseries to find a perennial fuchsia bush because I mentioned I'd always wanted one. (He's such a sweet kid!)So he found a baby plant just about 6 inches tall, (but also under $5 !), and we surrounded it with the dusty miller. The celosia is alone now in it's pot so will have more room. The fuchsia will grow quickly and now I have 2 perennial bushes for next year. I've never had perennials before....this is kinda neat!I'm really enjoying watching Andrew get into this! It's fun having someone to garden with. I've worked on projects with Uttra before or my Mom but Andrew is different. He gets up every day and opens the blinds to check on the plants. It's so cute!I'll take pictures of the garden once it's all in bloom.