plan of attack

when i was like about 10 years old i started dreaming of a railroad  of my own  thats when i had a great idea why not  if i demnan it out of life then i will do it  so
every great idea must have a plan of attack my ideas are of the goals im always stiving for wich are things about steam locomotives *locomotive is the more proper term for what you might known as a train  the train is the locomotive and the cars b-hind it*
anyways my plan is to build my fisrt steam locomotive for my self then some for my friends then after there all done i hope to go into buissnees bulding them and selling em off they will only reach just under about avrage table hight i here these are rather popular  for ppl  who have farms  wich is good fro me becase im always not too far from them but anyways after a wile 
once i get some money and over come my leanring disabilitys making shure they dont get the best of me  then ill buy some good sized  ammound of untouched land and some  equipment so if i need to i can use it to adjust somethings about it after all that   ill open up my railway and invite friends far and near  to come and see it 
i always feel help is greatly appreated for me to help get started on my quest to live off my own rails so if you got any tips plz messsage em to me  if not  do message me anywasy if ya read it i want to here what ppl think of this