PHOTOS ARE UP! Is it winter yet? LOL!

Ok, I was lazy and put up the photos in reverse order, lol.   I took 90 of them, so I tried to pick the ones with the best shots.
Highlights of the ride (now that I'm no longer too exhausted to think, lol):  Fall colors were AMAZING!  Especially where they were peak in the center of the Hills (Hill City to Crazy Horse).   They're still in the beginning stages in the Southern Hills area.  Sunday, we started out at 9:00, had 9 miles of almost all uphill to Crazy Horse, but with the GORGEOUS colors, we didn't notice.   Once we took a break at the top of the climb, someone yelled DONUTS! and away we went, racing the 12 miles downhill to Custer.  Half way down, I began losing gear - apparently all the bumps tore open a hole my backpack.   I was keeping up to my fast friends up until that point, lol.   Luckily, they said to watch for the Buffalo when I got to Main Street.... And I took a wrong turn (trail got changed) when I missed a sign but I was familiar enough with town to get there.... One buffalo (painted statue) on the corner - no donut shop... 2nd buffalo on the corner - no donut shop, lol... 3rd buffalo on the corner - THERE THEY ARE!   AWESOME donuts!  :)
While we were having our donut meal (they were HUGE), I met a guy from British Columbia... after donuts, he rode with us for about 8 miles, realized what kind of ride we were doing, lol, and headed back.   The rest of the ride was mostly downhill - it was nice that I was able to see it mid-day.   We again took stops at every rest area, but that turned out to be a really good thing... I love history and discovered signs at these stops that gave information on things I never noticed before... Like "Sanator" which was a train depot for the tuberculosis hospital in the 1800's.   WOW!  Last time I did this ride, I went through most of this area late afternoon and sunset and couldn't see much of the signs or how beautiful it was.   Other than the occasional suicidal vulture and turkeys (we almost ran over dinner, lol), we didn't see any wildlife (though the smart LIVE buffalo gave me concern, lol)- could be because there was a fire there this past summer that was EXTREMELY destructive.   And, thank God, not even a rattle snake.   And DROUGHT - even where the fire didn't hit, drought took care of the rest of the grasses - nothing left to feed the cattle with. 
We finished around 5:00, got to town (Edgemont) just before the trains went through and there were LOTS of trains.   We did some pacing to stretch ourselves out while waiting for our pick up people, and 3 of the group got some gravel scrapes on knees and elbows when they wiped out on loose sand on the last two downhill stretches.   But overall, it was a GREAT ride!  AND, I burned about 8,044 calories Saturday, about 5,600 calories on Sunday!  And yes, I baked up some cookies (had them premade and waiting in the freezer, lol) - no noticable weight loss though, not from the cookies, silly - I think I guzzled at least 2 gallons of water on Sunday.
Too tired to do anything more than necessary housework since, I've done nothing more than sleep, except going to work, lol.   Today, the animals woke me up at 4:30 and I'm finally awake enough to notice all the stuff I have to do this week (I also signed up for a craft show this weekend)... I think I've been way too busy lately, lol.   Tonite, I plan to start catching up - I wish it would snow so I could get stuck indoors and actually get some things done... get some Christmas orders finished... start getting my own Christmas projects going (to do at work when things are quiet - and yes, I have the boss' ok), but then again, there's the Oct 6th Moonwalk with the forest service in the dark... ok, the snow can wait until after then, lol.  
Well, I better get started!     OH, AND I HAVE NEWS!!!! (if I didn't already mention it) - During this whole thing, my son told me he's looking for another job, wanted to know if I'd be available to BABYSIT!   YES!!!!!   Another miracle!!!   LATER!