PHOTO: MODERN SANTA AND New Age teenagers. lol

this one would be a good one for a christmas flyer.  lol. 
saw mel finally and got skin product from her.  they are still doing property management to keep their re office afloat.  the contract she tells me about for about 3 years now, can be done under their license (its a cam license) or you get your own and they pay you more.  surprising how much trouble they have filling that position properly - even in this job market where everyone needs work.  the re office receives 40,000 from the building and they pay 32,000 to whoever takes the job (though after the first year, its all in their own pocket anyway - salaries are tax deductible). 
i suggested they get two people, one in afternoon and one in evening, provide two jobs...don't know if she will or not.  but good to know if necessary, a cam license is another good thing to get, so is closed captioning cr license - which pays three times what a cam does, but its also high stress and way longer in school, even as a cross-train.  she says as a cam, (condo manager) you don't even look for, or choose the contractors, the condo board does that for you.   you have a list of contractors to use.  you just call them and set it up (plus listen to all the complaints from the condo and possibly attend the meetings.  she thinks i have the personality for this.  i used to attend condo meetings for our condo in south florida.  its tempting).
we sat around talking in their conference room, mostly joking around about "corruption" stories in the business and courthouse world and way overpaid executives and politicians.  alllll the desks are empty in their office, even the receptionist, except for her's and her husband.  i'm actually worried about her, even though she laughed it off - but at least they are making enough money to keep their office space.  what a mess this economy is, but it also gets you to live in ways you normally wouldn't and to learn to have contempt for material things and exorbidant salaries (it broadens you and that is the silver lining of living through a recession) hopefully you become a bigger and more respectful person. 
if i see a poor or homeless person now, i instead think, that is an honest person at least. 
when i see an affluent person i see someone who is materialistic and probably corrupted and it sickens me.  i wonder what they are guilty of and assume its huge kinds of crime.  lol.  so i changed from all this in a much better way.     
one of the kittens has a scab on his head, need to see what that is about.  did a bunch of cleaning for the animals.  need animal supplies (get tired of buying them after a while).  ran into the guy i got for mry, as a tenant 2 times and both times i couldn't remember who he is until after he was gone (i hate when i do that).  started putting up decorations at the house up north and nothing yet down south, so far it doesn't "feel" like it.  there weren't a lot of lights last year either.  
we are having great weather and i rather have great weather than christmas lights.  lol.  (though i think its the economy more than the weather that is making everyone ignore the whole thing).  bunch of gossip about amb's mother gail, but i think that is because we were discussing the women-thugs from the house down south near br's house, breaking in by amb's in 2000/2001.  so now a zillion stories will come in and i'll have no clue which one is true.  
ran into people at the supply down south who feed where sh feeds, i'd like to set something up to fix the animals there, shocked its been going on for two years and no one is doing anything about it.  the asst.manager was there and she is the bad one, there are a zillion good ones, and i have to run into her.  yuck!  she's annoying and pushy. 
talked to br because someone took down his outdoor shower-fence, he said its the guy from across the road that put it up.  he thinks he took it down instead of fixing it because he needs money and wants to be paid to build a new shower fence.  br shrugs off the expense...then he says, he lost a ton gambling.  this year feeding his "colony" just on gas is $11 per week, as i don't go to richard's down there, he moved north because he had a neighbor harrassing him last year (and no trouble where he is now).  i said this to rn and she was furious because the money could be going to animal supply, which is true. 
with suburbs, it varies by your neighbor.  and rural?  all the wild animals.  lol.   i've never done rural (there is a parcel of 30 acres for sale, but i doubt i could handle that, it made me nervous to walk 5 acres.  lol.)
had a blood draw done and they are hiring there as well (i'm not even looking for work).  the woman there was a former paramedic and gave it up because its $800 to renew your license and constant continuing ed.  she went for phlebotomy which only takes a few months and works inside the hospital as a phlebotomist/unit clerk at the lab and loves it - no stress.  tempting, but the needle part would freak me out.  lol.  they are open 24 hours so you can choose your own hours, which is also tempting.  good for other people to know though.  discovered one of our doctors is actually one of their "chief physicians" another surprise.  now i know why we suddenly got such fast turnarounds on our labs (we used to have to wait).  she says to me, this will be sent to your doctor in 4 hours.  wow!  
i always feel exhausted when they take blood, even though i make sure i eat steak afterward (as awful as that is).  i also get foggy in general and fatigued.  still feel like that right now.  lol.               



lovely christmas photo, its all squashed on here though. lol.

Love the Xmas photo! I like people that feel free to be themselves.
Happy Holidays to you and yours.

I agree about your feelings on affluent people. I don\'t want to criticize or profile wealth as a bad thing. In most cases, I\'m sure it\'s eagerly earned and well deserved. But I\'d like to see those people contribute to a cause, such as child hunger in this Country, rather than buy another condo extension in the burbs! Ya know!

I hope you can find the cause of that kitten\'s scab! Sounds like it may have fallen or gotten into a scuffle. I don\'t\'re the best!!