PHOTO/MEME: I am not a "leg". I am my mama's baby."//trouble digesting chocolate//hospital

"I am not a 'leg'.    I am my mama's baby." 





ate some chocolate and my stomach doesn't go for it anymore, i end up with a stomach ache even if its just a kit kat bar. wonder what that is about? don't remember ever having trouble with chocolate until now, or is it a new pesticide that they put inside the chocolate nowadays, or that this chocolate is now made in mexico, does that matter? happened with the drakes chocolate too. food in usa is really bad compared to other countries, has all kinds of chemicals in it. we shouldn't be eating ANY of it. wonder how i would do planting a garden. i seem to attempt this about once every fifteen years. i've had tomatoes, everything else gets eaten by bugs. lol. we'll see. the doctor office called to ask if i want to try the male chiropractor because the female cancels entire days of patients so often.  good idea!   what in the world is that.  what made it worse is, last time i was there, the receptionist is trying to tell me the chiro comes in early and how great she is and its like, hey asshole, she IS a good chiro, but she doesn't show up most of the time, don't add insult to injury by saying how punctual she is, when she NEVER is.  wth?   why do people do shit like that.  do they lie so much they just can't stop themselves, or what?   they also said someone is screwing with the addresses in the office, the paperwork from october says n/a for everyone's address.   sounds like someone not wanting to do inputting. hmmm or quit and let them hire someone who will DO the job.

i wouldn't care at all, except it will affect all the paperwork.   the paperwork will all have names and phone numbers, but n/a for address.   wth is that?   lol.   or it could be a volunteer.   when they had a volunteer at the hospital when i had my first problem with my heart in 2001, we actually CAUGHT the volunteer INSIDE my closet when she thought i was out for a test. the "volunteer" kept encouraging me straight out of the emergency room, to "give her" my jewelry to put in the hospital "safe." sounds like a jewelry thief to me. she actually woke me up to ask me questions and then tried to take my jewelry off my hand. wth?   the nurse came over and she says to me, you don't have to talk to her and i'm like, i don't even know how she got in here, volunteers are supposed to knock and ASK to come in. then the volunteer came back again a couple hours later, waking me up again.   what an asshole.   i said to her, you already did this.   a few hours later is when we caught her in the closet. weirdo.   she got all flustered.   i said to her, are you lost?   lol.   i hated that hospital. in an emergency you end up at the closest hospital, and that hospital was the one.   two of my friends tried calling me back to come over and visit when i called them from there to tell them i was in the hospital and not coming over to their house.   the hospital told them i wasn't there.   my friend starts screaming at them saying, she just called me from your hospital its on the caller i.d.   lol.   omg!   when js tried to visit they didn't let her in because my room mate had so many visitors (her kids and husband).   super noisy too.   hmmm, what does that have to do with me?   seriously.  

this was also the hospital that gave me medication in the ER AND later on at my room that had to be taken with food and never brought the food or even regular milk, so of course you get sick.   when i switched rooms, because the former room mate was so noisy and the room was FREEZING, the new room mate hadn't eaten at all, ALL DAY. she said they took her for tests and then never brought her anything all day long, she was just wheeled all over the place waiting for tests. i actually got up, went down the hall and got a dinner out of their little kitchen for her.   now tell me WHY didn't the nurse do that - or somebody?   good thing i was mobile (and bored).   i felt like checking room to room to see who else they were neglecting and no they weren't super busy at all, they were hanging at the nurses' station and more than one of them.   grrrr.  

the nurse i had in the first room thought i was in the hospital for a migraine even though i was in the heart ward.   i'm like, don't you read the chart and she says, no i asked the other patient. loved giving her an evaluation.   hmmmm, she doesn't even READ the chart?  

she also thought i was a different patient at one point who had already checked out.   way to go LPN.   then she starts berating the room mate for "lying" to her and the room mate is like, i'm a patient here, why didn't you just read it?   hmmm, and also if you don't know, just SAY you don't know?   that would be good. why SAY anything at all?   then she is saying, i thought she was the patient from the other day.   weird.   way too weird. still wondering, WHY didn't she read the chart?   or ask the patient herself, not a total stranger in the next bed.   she's a nurse, but she doesn't READ the charts?   wth?   seriously. 




Um, this is why I stay out of hospitals whenever possible. If you are unfortunate enough to become an inpatient, you have to be on guard (as you were), trust no one! If they hand you a medication, ask what it is and who ordered it. Don\'t just take it.

They make so many errors in hospitals, and it costs people their lives. You can tell your story of your bad experience, and I\'m so glad you did, but remember.....anyone of those \"things\" that she did not read, could have cost you your life.

Medicine isn\'t what it used to be 38. We have to be our own advocate in the hospital. They are overworked, understaffed, underpaid, and basically, just don\'t give a crap anymore!

Hope you are ok! ox