Phone Call

My dad called tonight and my mom asked me to talk to him, i was nervous i havent spoken to my dad in awhile and i wasnt sure if i wanted to talk to him but i took the phone and i for that moment put aside the negative feelings i have for my dad out of my head. As much as my dad has hurt me, talking to him tonight went really well. I want to have a relationship with my dad, i asked my mom if i was wrong to want to talk to him and she said no. I cant help it, its a an instinct a daughter has for wanting to talk to her father.  My sister told me earlier that while she was talking to our dad, he knew how much i love the show one tree hill and he told my sister that he wanted to watch it because of me, and when someone tells me they love one tree hill or like it at least, they score points with its really silly but true.  A part of me was thinking it was really nice that my dad wanted to watch something that i enjoy to start a bond and i can tell he was trying . But it doesnt make up for everything else thats happened. He really needs to prove he wants to start over with me and my sister and i think that watching a show i like  is a good start i think . It wont make up for everything but its a start of a new bond.  I am offically going back to school i am so excited but i'm really nervous about taking this math class, i'm not so good in math. I have to get my writing career going. :) Well about two days ago, i had a bit of a bad luck day, its like a curse of friday the 13th. I was vaccuming one day and i accidentaly    With the hose, i sucked up a sock. Of course it ruined the hose so i'm getting another one, and i should of looked at what i was doing but i didnt for that one My mom got so mad at me she told me i cost our family a certain amount of money because of my reckless act. I really didnt mean to and so i went to my room, sat against my closet door and cried. Then my sisters door knob fell off, theres nothing , its gone. But its alot better now. This weekend is prom for my sisters high school and i'm so excited because she is up for prom queen! i already told her that at her graduation me, and two of my friends are going to embarass her when they call her name so she better keep a look out. At my graduation my mom did this big loud whistle and after i heard it i was like "yep thats my mom".  Its been a good week for me so far even though its now Wed.