PF start over

I'm officially starting this goal over.  I have had way to many little slip ups to continue pretending Ive been pull free.  I still have eyelashes and eyebrows which is good, but I have minor gaps that weren't there during my PF streak.  I have been so stressed about this cycle trying to get pregnant and this week for it was HORRIBLE!!!  I was able to limit what I did and I'm even more down because I'm upset with myself for giving in to the urge.  
We begin again, Day 1.......



Hey there! On top of you not getting your Christmas miracle, it IS Christmas... and that\'s always stressful in and of itself. So don\'t be too hard on yourself. For a couple of months I was PF, and then December hit. Not sure what it is about the holidays that causes it.
You\'re a beautiful girl with your life ahead of you. Be kind to yourself.
Best of all things!

Thank you :) It has been really hard this time. I did my crying yesterday so now it\'s time to move forward again. Both with being PF and trying to get pregnant. Hoping maybe I\'ll get a birthday miracle in January now. I appreciate your kindness. I hope you get through the stress of thw holidays. Have a Merry Christmas!
Community LeaderMid

Good for you to cry out the toxins yesterday. The best gift you can give yourself is to be you. Take time out to have fun, be silly, laugh until you ache all over, and let the rest of the tears flow. You are a wonderful and beautiful young lady! Christmas is a special season, and brings out the inner self in all sorts of ways. Hope this helps you relax and be gentle with your self!