People you meet in life

At this point, it feels like the most important person in my life is my HR director at my work.  She is a Psychologist and Anthropologist, and she has become in a way a sort of mentor for me. The woman to whom I moved to this town and I are attempting to remain friends, however my nature of sharing my observations of someone (even just to help) has only alienated her from me more.  This has brought me despair, because I only care to help.  Something Taylor (my HR director) told me that will forever stick with me this morning is this.  "As a healer, you will want to do everything in your power heal, but you cannot heal someone until they ask you to be healed"  "You will be giving advice, and comforting others, but you also have to learn when only to listen and not produce your talent of understanding, because not all the time are they ready to hear it."