Peaceful World

Video: Lyrics:  This song came into my awareness about the same time as Walk Tall.  While it did not have as an intense impact, it did serve as a significant guide to my then accelerating awakening and as a warning concerning events that had just begun to transpire. I had become quite cynical of political correctness (first verse), seeing it as having to tippy-toe around people who had never learned to deal with things, or who wanted the rest of the world to mask the reality from themselves.   It confirmed to me something I'd long suspected, that the roots of political correctness were deep into hypocrisy.  It also gave me the understanding that I was not alone in these feelings, which planted the seed of wondering if, perhaps, I was not alone in other beliefs I had developed over my lifetime that had, until that time, been disturbing to others. It also brought to the forefront of my consciousness, through the second verse, something I'd subtley known all along (having been raised in rural Alabama through the '50s and '60s), that there was still a lot of injustice in the world, racial and otherwise.  There was still a considerable need for change on many fronts: human rights, animal rights, environmental, ecological, political, and others.  I also became aware that no change would occur until someone did something to make it happen.  Often, many someone's were required.  That was the spark that sent me exploring the areas of life energies and raising the overall consciousness of the planet. The third verse contained the warning, which I recognized at the time, and a prophecy which I did not until much later.  The lines, "So be careful with your heart and what you love, Make sure that it was sent from above" were the warning to not just assume in matters of my heart.  At the time I believed it was in regards to the feelings for that gentle soul I met on the support group, feelings that were sparked into a very close friendship, feelings that I wondered if might grow even further.  It was much later that I saw how those lines expanded to include my feelings for my (then) wife, which were coming into confusion because of revelations I was having in our relationship. The first two lines of the third verse were a statement of the current state of my relationship with my (then) wife.  Coupled with the third and fourth lines they became a prophecy of a revelation that would mesh very well with the message in another song by Bruce Springsteen, Lucky Town.  It all boiled down to things were not as good in my (then) current situation as they appeared, and that "more" in respect to important things was available elsewhere even if it mean "less" in respect to less important things.  All were matters of perception and priorities.  That will come clear when I write about Lucky Town.