Thank you all for pointing out that should consider counseling.  I have considered it but what I really need to do is learn to work the Al Anon better.  I know I've fallen back into some of my old habits - which hasn't been a healthy place to be.  I thought I was doing alright until T relapsed.  And since he did, I did too, to a degree.  A counselor will only point out to me what I already know.  I just need to read more Al Anon literature and "work" the program.  ^^ One of the reasons I do focus on T-Man in this journal is so that I have the information about him if I need it.  It was suggested to me a long time ago before his court hearings by a woman down at the court house but I guess it really isn't necessary anymore. Focusing now on me.....ouch!  I've been playing soccer pretty consistently for years - in and outdoor on a 30 and over co-ed team (the women only have to be 25), I can play the entire game (without subs) and for indoor - some games I play back to back.  In addition, I revved up my exercise regimen by running every day  on the treadmill, AND now the last few weeks I'm back playing outdoor (about an hour and half game).  I never get tired and never had any "real" injuries.  Well....lo and girlfriend and I decided to go for walk today.  A simple walk.......not a run.....but a walk.  5 minutes into the walk my lower leg started hurting and tightening up.  I thought I could walk through it.  I didn't complain much because I thought how ridiculous it was.  Then tonight..... stubborn as I can be when it comes to soccer, I decided I could play through it.  I did manage, in pain, addition I scored two goals!! I can barely walk it hurts so much!  Darn it!  I want to play the Sunday outdoor game so badly.  I HATE missing..