paternal grandad

my son hasn't seen his grandad from his fathers side for almost three years. I think it should be a contact that is kept us as its important for him to see both sides of his family. Was waiting on his father doin this as its understandably strange for me to c his family. Anyway as his father doesn't bother with his son or his father, tommy hasn't seen his grandad for like I said almost three years. The other day tommy asked me if his grandad was dead coz he didn't c him anymore. This has prompted me into taking action. I speak still to one of my ex's sisters on facebook and asked if she thought her dad would want to c tommy and for it to be a regular thing. She said he'd love to but I should phone him myself first and arrange things. The last time I saw my ex's father was at my ex's mothers funeral some 4 years ago. I always liked and got on well with his dad but seeing as its been so long I am nervous about the meeting. I just came off the phone to him and have arranged things for sunday afternoon. He sounded his usual self and happy to chat to me but I'm dreading the questions that might crop up about my ex and his drinkin and how bad it was and why haven't I brought tommy before now etc etc. I'm just scared I guess of facing the past and the reality of it by the question that his dad and any other of his family members might ask on sunday. I know they won't do this in front of my son but I don't want cornered in the kitchen lol I will update this after I've been on sunday xxxx