"Pat's Party"

We chose a venue for Pat's Party.
The building is on the beach, we want people to come in holiday attire and we will have pina coladas. Pat so wanted to be on a warm beach with me drinking pina coladas. My Red Hat group is looking after the refreshments and we have reserved a slushee machine to make the pina coladas. We even found napkins with the pina colada recipe on them. Pat would get a kick out of it. He was loved by so many people, in so many different walks of life. He was a friend and mentor to all.
I'm ok with the blinds closed still today, the neighbours know to knock when they are open, but to leave me alone if they are closed. They have all been great. Our girls are amazing, I keep reminding myself and them this is their Dad that not all the focus is on me, they are such special daughters.
I wish all of you could be one smigeon as happy as Pat and I were for our time together. We waited a long time to find eachother, and man, it was sure worth the wait. I will always love him, he is my everything.



He had a very special woman. You are a wonderful person. You are doing this class and dignity. You are doing this and feel that this function is being done just the way he would have wanted it.

This wake will be worth it. Hugs to you and your girls.


Well Done Wendy - I\'m glad that it will be a time of celebration of Pat\'s life.
I will lift up my glass of carrot juice to Pat from where I\'m at. Salute\'