oh God, i have avoided getting in deep depression, thanks to my newest group of friends...Ah, they were very much supportive of me and the rest of the members. Uhm, i've been through a lot i just hope that this new year would be peaceful enough so that i can handle it pretty well. I've been thinking of a lot of old things that maybe i could try to get into it and perhaps maybe work on it again like playing guitars or painting in a canvass or plant a shrub or anyting of any sort of a routine?!? I wonder, i just wonder how i would start doing it, but anyway am not tripping mind u, hey, am just maybe too darn missing out on something ....C'Mon i need to forget, uhm, d bottom line is this, i need to breathe some fresh air far and away from the metro...Yeah, i'm having an asthma attack literally, i have shortness of breathe afew minutes or more, anyway, hope i can get over this by next month, days were really fast approaching but hey, am enjoying it every moment of it, hope u do feel the same thing like i do?!?! Cheers! Am not freezing, it's kinda warm! Hahaha LOL ...i bare with the coldness of the dayz!!!