Past couple days!!

Well... I said I was gonna write everyday... but I haven't in a couple days! I spilt water on my laptop!!! I wouldn't turn on so I bought a new one!!! I got a macbook pro and i am hating myself for buying something so expensive!!! I figured I'd get the one I was going to buy anyways in the spring!!! After I bought it, my friend got my old one to work!!!ARGHHHH!!! But hopefully I can sell it on craigslist or something!!! I also went to the doctor for ADD meds, she refused to put me on them and referred me out to someone who can!!! Also she wants me to get blood work and come back in 2 months!!! UGGHH good thing I have insurance... but co pays do suck!!!! I have had a hard time gettin to the gym but I have been eating ok!!! Today I have somethings to do for my buisness but other than that I am going to work on reading the book my therapist gave me and the workbook I bought!!!! I know I have to constantly work on these things. Sometimes When I do well for long periods of time I get an ego and think I am the bomb diggity~ Thats when I get caught up in it and give myself permission to do whatever the hell I want.  



Sounds like you\'re doing well for the most part. It\'s a good habit to have a routine to get into - including checking in here. Routine is important to me and sometimes I let myself get down about not sticking with it, or changing my path while having things to focus on. That\'s not how the big picture works. What\'s important is if you\'re happy with the end result.

A journal is a good way to track your thoughts and see where you were one day to the other and if it seems you\'re making progress or not, and if changes need to be made. Good luck with getting to where you want. :)