Passover Seder Last Night

So many people on this site have been especially helpful to me through my current struggle, so I want yo update you all about the wonderful time we had last night. Last night was such a marvelous night for us all. My 18 yo son brought his best friend, the one he will room with next year at college, and my daughter brought her best girlfriend.  So the 5 of us celebrated Passover and Good Friday together.  I left work at 3:00 and went home to get everything ready. I put together a non meat lasagna for my daughter, and made a roast for us meat eaters.  I found a Christian Passover service on the internet and printed off a booklet for each of us.  We went through the entire service, and I told stories from my youth.and ended with Communion, as Jesus ended the Last Supper.  We laughed a lot during the night, even though we drank grape juice and not actual alchoholic wine.  After we were done, my daughter was talking to her friend on the phone, and telling him about the seder. He asked questions about the Christian version of Passover, so I was nice to plant a few seeds with him, about Jesus and how He extended the faith.   I had to get up early today, as I volunteered for a clean up date at the church. We worked hard getting the church and the grounds ready for tomorrow. I was a great time of fellowship and I am glad to do the work, as I am so thankful that I have a family of brothers and sisters to belong to, to worship with, to pray with, and to care about.