pain gone

J's pain left as quick as it came.  Man was that poor boy in agony!  And on top of it -  he had had a cyst removed from his back left shoulder blade just before his knee inflamed and wouldn't you know - a day after the stitches were removed - it split open because of the pressure he was putting on it while on crutches. Doctor couldn't do anything.  The good news is he received a notice in the mail that he made Dean's list again. He had to have something positive after all these weeks.  *We have to wait for the lab results from the rheumatologist. I hope it isn't what it could be.   Superintendent met with the administration after my husband and I shared with the school board information parents need to know regarding drugs and a stepped up way on how to get it to them (a short program during the mandatory sports meetings) and we received an update from him after we inquired as to how it went. No surprises - support from the middle school principal but things will remain pretty much the same at the high school. The administrator listed the things that the high school is already doing - giving parents the resource packets I created and the other resource is in the HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY!  Give me a break!  How many parents would you guess would contact the school and ask if they could use the high school library to get information on teen drug use!  Sorry - but that is pathetic.  That's what I've been dealing with all these years.  So I don't anymore and continue to do what I can all around him. Patience is the answer.  I believe changes will happen. Maybe not with this Principal while he's there, but chances are he'll be retiring soon.   Talked to the MS principal today.  Hubby and I are going to do another program in April called CAN WE TALK?  It will be for both parent and child. Not quite as confident about this one.  I don't have a clear picture just yet.