well i need to handle things .....and get things taken care of....there is so much to do and i cant bear the thought of selling his house but how can i keep it......we could sell ours and move there but there is so many decisions and so much work to do....and our crazy neighbor started huge trouble with us....the stress just keeps piling on more and more everyday....I did a couple things at Dad's to day then broke down in hysterical tears I cant believe how hard i am grieving.
I did go and get a physical ...the doctor thinks the symptoms i was having and what my ekg was showing was  due to extreme dehydration.... and not an mi so i started working with a trainer that i know last week....now i am at least trying to take care of myself amungst all the chaos....



As you are better able to care for your hydration and other needs you may find a balance coming into the situation to assist you in coping.

It is true, we can become so overwhelmed with trying to cope with what is important that our daily survival needs can be neglected.

I am glad you went to see the doctor and now know what you need to do to begin feeling better.

I hope to read how the situation has improved for you soon and I care.

Gentle ((hugs))
:-) Patricia

Jean, I think about you almost every day. I\'m so glad you came back to DS to give us an update. I really hope the things your doc suggested will help you feel better both physically and mentally. Please take care of yourself.